This year, nearly all the waste from Superbowl LII was recycled, reused or recovered. Get the replay on how it happened.

Super Bowl LII

The NFL, PepsiCo, Aramark and U.S. Bank Stadium are tackling an ambitious goal at Super Bowl LII

We’re working to recover more than 90% - more than 40 tons - of stadium waste by recycling bottles and cans, composting organic materials like food waste and service ware, and repurposing items through local community organizations. The innovative project aims to set a new standard for waste diversion at one of the nation's premier events and inspire action across the country. Check out our game plan for the stadium below:


Aramark will convert all in-stadium service ware to compostable materials.

PepsiCo Ambassadors will guide fans in waste disposal and help them share recycling tips, resources and awareness through social media.

U.S. Bank Stadium will hand sort the waste stream to recycle and compost as much material as possible with the aim that at least 90% of total stadium waste will be recovered.


Any stadium waste that would typically go to landfill will be incinerated and the energy recovered will heat local homes and businesses in the Minneapolis area.

Pre-Game Party Tips

Now It's Your Turn

This year, you've gotta bin it to win it—get our top 10 plays on how to make your Super Bowl party greener than ever. Tips courtesy of our friends at The Recycling Partnership.

Party tip #1
Let Guests Know the Game Plan

Make sure your recycling bags or bins are accessible and clearly labeled, and let your team know that putting stuff in the wrong bin will earn them a penalty flag.

Party tip #2
Get Competitive

Put out a recycling bin for each team, and make it into a competition to see which team recycles the most. Losers have to take out the trash. Remember, if you can keep your recycling bins at least as full as your trash cans, you’re doing great!

Party tip #3
Twin the Bin

Anywhere you have a trash can, add a recycling bin. There are lots of recyclables in the office, bathroom, and other rooms–get them off the bench and back into the game.

Party tip #4
Caps on for an Extra Point

Unless your local recycling program has a different stance, plastic recyclers want all they can get–bottle caps included. Screw them back on before tossing your bottle into the bin.

Party tip #5
Don’t get Clotheslined

Long, stringy items like twine and cords can tangle up recycling machinery and mess up the works for everyone. Trash ’em so you don’t make local recycling machinery fumble.

Party tip #6
Keep it Loose

Most recyclers don’t want your recycling in a bag–it can jam machinery. Instead just chuck bottles and cans into the bin and they’ll take care of the rest. What to do with those plastic grocery bags instead? Keep an eye out for bag dropoffs at your local grocery store–many have collection bins for them.

Party tip #7
Recruit the Rookies

At a friend’s house and see them miss an opening to recycle? Recruit them to your team–share these tips, let them know about the local resources or start a friendly neighborhood competition.

Party tip #8
Keep it Clean (and Dry)

Bottles should be empty, with caps screwed back on. For everything else (cans and pizza boxes included), make sure they are clean and dry–we’re sure someone will take that last slice, but your recycler doesn’t want it.

Party tip #9
Power Run

Send a letter, tweet, or email to your local elected officials, and ask for more recycling programs. Recruit your friends and neighbors to do the same.

Party tip #10
Intercept Leftovers

Don’t let leftovers go to waste or get included with recycled items; keep a supply of reusable plastic containers so guests can take extras to go or add them to your compost pile if you’ve got one.

Green Your Game

When you’re planning your game day party, know what you’re bringing to the field-recyclable or reusable is the name of the game. Draft the best picks for your party.



Play your part and recycle!

Find details about recycling programs in your zip code

Set up a Recycling Program

Access resources for starting a recycling program at work, school, or in your neighborhood.

No Curbside Recycling in Your Neighborhood Yet?

Access in depth resources to coordinate with local government and waste haulers to bring recycling programs to your community.

Recycle for a Cause

Learn how to get involved in PepsiCo Recycling programs so your recyclables can benefit local schools, veterans, The Nature Conservancy and more.


Play your part and recycle!



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